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Privacy Policy

  • Winchester Ind, LLC is committed to maintaining the privacy of all of our visitors and participants. However, there are certain features of our site where our visitors and participants can provide personal information to Winchester Ind, LLC on a voluntary basis.

  • WE DO NOT SELL OUR VISITOR INFORMATION. All visitor information received at Winchester Ind, LLC is held in strictest confidence. From e-mail addresses and personal data, to credit card and transaction information, all visitor data received by Winchester Ind, LLC stays with us. We are not trying to derrive demographic, geographic and psychographic information on our visitors and we do not sell our visitor information to any 3rd party companies.

  • WE DO NOT SEND SPAM. We will not send you e-mail every day telling you about this that or the other thing. If there is a reason to communicate with you, whether it is a response to a question, or to confirm purchases and orders placed through Winchester Ind, LLC, we will respond to you by e-mail. We may, from time to time, send you a notice of site updates, new features, special sale offers and online events. Otherwise, you won't hear from us unless you want to!

  • Your e-mail address will not be sold to any data mining company. Ever. Period. Upon request, visitors may "opt out" of further communication with Winchester Ind, LLC, with all information purged from our databases where possible.

  • Winchester Ind, LLC is not responsible for maintaining the privacy of any information visitors may submit through any external sites linked by Winchester Ind, LLC.

Family Owned / Locally Operated

Winchester Ind, LLC is one of the area's largest "Family Owned / Locally Operated " Specialized Residential Cleaning Company. We now service more than 2,100 clients in the St. Louis area and work diligently to preserve our top quality of service. We provide you with unrivaled professionalism, and we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded.

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